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Shanghai Chong Ming Laser Equipment Factory pre-sale service standards

Chong Ming laser quality laser products mainly in terms of security, stability, reliability, service life and degree of automation. To ensure the quality of a laser-ming strive to do the following aspects:
1, strict implementation of international standards and business standards for laser products.
2, in strict accordance with international standards development and production of products, establish and improve the quality system according to ISO9001 standard series.
3, pay attention to improve the quality of components, such as optical elements, the development of power, fans, cooling system, pump lights, lasers, laser crystals, galvanometer, Q switching and other key element, the device is set up a number of specialized production sites.
4, according to the needs of the market research and development of new products using advanced laser components, and increase system integration efforts, innovation efforts and the establishment of Chinese brand-name products.
5, improve product quality supervision institutions, strengthen the supervision of product quality laser.
Jiangsu, Zhejiang region after the machine arrived, our technical staff will personally door installation, commissioning and training. Elsewhere in the country if need site installation, training can provide paid services; foreign clients: to provide goods to the 24-hour technical support service, can also be installed via a video call or video installation tutorial to guide users.

1, the machine operator training.
2, process guidance.
3, set the parameter range of options training panels and control parameters.
4, the basic machine cleaning and maintenance.
5, common hardware troubleshooting.
6, the operation should pay attention to the problem.
7, in addition to provide users with technical support of its products produced.

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